With a career in furniture, how did you find the time to write a book?
Call of the Couch was a positive outcome of Parkinson’s Disease. Most was written between 4am and 6am—I couldn’t sleep.
How challenging was it to fully follow-through with your dream to write a book?
I own plenty of weaknesses, but one strength I’ve inherited from my parents is persistence.
How does an “every day person” write a book?
I don’t know that “everyone” could write a book, but I think almost everyone who has a serious passion in life could find help to write a book.
Did you ever expect to see your name on the cover of a book?
I’ve enjoyed writing since high school and so, yes, I did picture seeing “By Larry Schneiderman” on a book cover.
Who did you call first when you decided to really go for it and become an author?
My Mother’s health had declined and it became my goal to get published while she was alive. We talked about the book often.
How long does it take to get a book published once you’ve written it?
Many variables. Of course, there are options such as publishing in Kindle. Before publishing, there are several must do’s.
What is the most challenging part of the publishing process?
If you don’t have an agent, it can be expensive.
Who is your favorite author?
Tough call, but I’ve read nearly all David McCullough’s historical novels. The research he does amazes me.
How many copies of “Call of the Couch” do you have at your house?
I’m actually down to my last box and considering options.
What did you discover to be the most interesting part of publishing a book?
People have been so encouraging and complimentary. I’ve enjoyed enlightening conversations with people because of the book.
What motivated you to change genres and write Nobody Knows?
I love the movie “Bucket List” and I’m that kind of guy. I put it on my “Bucket List” and then the persistence part of me takes over.
Did you learn anything new from writing Call of the Couch?
Yes, think carefully about what you put in print. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or to be controversial, but people become very focused when they are named in a published book.
Do you have any regrets about Call of the Couch?
My Mom and I talked for hours about the history of Schneiderman’s Furniture and our family. These were great conversations. That said, I didn’t get published until after she died.