LS_photo1 (From left to right) Russ, Karen, me, Claudia, and Mom at the 2010 Kretzschmar Reunion… with Bob Braun photobombing in the background. Every four years, about 100–125 Kretzschmars gather to congratulate each other on our great gene pool.
LS_photo2 (From left to right) Chris, Jodi, Jenna, and Collin celebrating darn good furniture and Christmas. (2013)
LS_photo3 (From front to back) Russ, me, and our cousin Tom Toftey playing a summer baseball game with the Elmer Depot as our backstop. (1960)
LS_photo4 (From left toright) John, Monica, and Molly Schneiderman. Russ was a family man, first and foremost. (March 2012)
LS_photo5 David taking a joyride with John at the2010 Kretzschmar Reunion.
LS_photo6 (From left to right) Molly, Russ, Monica, and John at Russ’ retirement party. Russ was known for his prominent mustache, so we sported mustaches in solidarity. (December 2008)
LS_photo7 I always looked forward to “working” with Harry Bassett at the furniture markets. He brought a lot of fun to the business and has been missed since his passing in 2012. (2010)
LS_photo8 The family showing off the Kretzschmar family crest. Mom was proud of the turnout, but she shouldn’t have been surprised. (July 2010)
LS_photo9 . Me and my son, Jason, at the grand opening of the Woodbury location. Every time we expand we want it to be better than the time before (mission accomplished). (2014)
LS_photo10 (From left to right) Dad, me, Claudia, Phil, and Karen posing on our stoop just three years after Dad bought the general store. (1951)
LS_photo8 Dad had carpentry skills that I do not possess, and always admired. Here he put them to good use and built a sandbox for Russ and me (left). (1952)
LS_photo12 Our newly remodeled Woodbury location (2014)
LS_photo13 The original Elmer general store(1948). A testament to how far Schneiderman’s has come. It’s hard to imagine that, at one time, eight of us lived upstairs!
LS_photo14 Dad was eventually overruled—and we had our first clearance sale. Even though he was a good sport and posed for the ad, rest assured that I suffered his silent treatment.(1986)
LS_photo15 Dad was Schneiderman’s spokesman in the mid-eighties, and had a firm stance on sales—“no sales” was one of his three core beliefs. (1985)
LS_photo16 Jodi and Chris in China getting to know their daughter, Quinn. (February 2013)
LS_photo17 (From left to right) Me, Sheila, Natalie, Jodi, Chris, and Jason on a Mississippi River cruise. You rarely will hear me say “always,” but I always appreciate spending time with my family. (2013)
LS_photo18 Russ loved the Twins, and had a part-time job in security. The day after his death, the Minnesota Twins honored him with a moment of silence and his picture on the scoreboard. (August 2011)
LS_photo19 My mom and my brother Phil. Phil was, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known. He died July 30, 2010, and I miss our conversations.
LS_19photo Jason and his wife, Natalie, enjoying some time off at Block Island. But don’t be misled—he’ll be checking his emails later. (2002)
LS_photo21 Me and Jenna at Block Island. There are family vacations you reminisce about, and this trip is one of them. Over a decade later, and we’re still talking about it. What a place; what a time.
LS_photo22 Sheila with our first grandchild, Quinn. She was worth the wait! (2014)
LS_photo23 . Our grandmother, Josephine Kretzschmar, a strong, intelligent, and faithful woman who raised six exceptional children.