In 1948, Max and Edna Schneiderman bought a broken-down general store and somehow stumbled into stocking furniture. Three generations and six showrooms later, the family and business have intertwined to create a legacy. Like many family businesses, the Schneiderman brand reflects the family’s identity. The values that generated their word-of-mouth success—loyalty, resilience, teamwork, and the joy of loving your work—remain a cornerstone today. This is not a business book with starched and formulated advice, but a story of the wisdom earned from a lifetime in the industry trenches.

For the first time ever, Larry Schneiderman opens the doors to his family’s showroom and shares an insider’s view of this notable success story. Whether you own a family business or simply own a couch, this autobiographical account of Schneiderman’s Furniture lets you taste how it feels to seize the American dream.

About the Author:

Larry Schneiderman sold his first piece of furniture for Schneiderman’s when he was fifteen and has been hooked ever since. Don’t ask him when he’s going to retire—they don’t have a treatment facility equipped for his kind of customer-service addiction. Larry will continue to work as long as he enjoys it (partially because he is notoriously terrible at golfing and fishing). Until then, he’s sure that one day he’ll fulfill his lifelong quest of actually catching a fish, and that it’s only a matter of time before “Schneiderman’s Golf Rules for Commoners” catches on.