In 1948, Max and Edna Schneiderman bought a broken-down general store and somehow stumbled into stocking furniture. Three generations and six showrooms later, the family and business have intertwined to create a legacy. Like many family businesses, the Schneiderman brand reflects the family’s identity. The values that generated their word-of-mouth success—loyalty, resilience, teamwork, and the joy of loving your work—remain a cornerstone today. This is not a business book with starched and formulated advice, but a story of the wisdom earned from a lifetime in the industry trenches.

For the first time ever, Larry Schneiderman opens the doors to his family’s showroom and shares an insider’s view of this notable success story. Whether you own a family business or simply own a couch, this autobiographical account of Schneiderman’s Furniture lets you taste how it feels to seize the American dream.

About the Author:

Larry was hooked when he sold his first furniture at age fifteen. He loved everything about the business, the customers, and the employees. Jason Schneiderman purchased the business from him and Larry retired in January of 2018. He released his second book, NOBODY KNOWS…What we sweep under the carpet, his first novel….It can be ordered along with his first book, CALL OF THE COUCH, through; Barnes & Noble, and CALL OF THE COUCH has been recognized with several awards. It’s essentially the history and philosophy of Schneiderman’s Furniture. While no longer an owner, he remains very interested and proud of how the company is doing.